Epson is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic products. The European department of the components division, Epson Europe, covers a wide range of product areas and is the world leader in several of these areas - e.g. displays for mobile handsets and PDA's, LCD controllers for small and mid sized graphic displays, production and packing technology.
  • LCD controller and driver
  • Power supply IC (voltage detector, regulator, switching regulator, battery back-up IC and battery protection)
  • Memory IC (low power CSP, SRAM and flash)
  • Communication IC (Firewire/IEEE 1394, USB controller, USB-on-the-GO controller, network controller)
  • Microcontroller (4-bit/8-bit/32-bit controller)
  • GPS module 
  • Clock crystal
  • Crystal
  • Oscillator (high stability, low jitter, etc.)
  • Programmable oscillator
  • VCXO and TCXO
  • Real time clock
  • SAW oscillator and SAW filter   
  • Automotive
  • Cellular
  • Consumer
  • EDP
  • Industrial
  • Networking


EPSON Airtransfer of Power
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