Rabbit Semiconductor


Rabbit Semiconductor is a subsidiary company of Z-World, one of the world's leading manufacturers of simple microcontroller based single board computers for embedded control applications.
Z-World used in the early years Zilog's Z180 controller, but the desginers grew gradually frustrated over the shortcomings in this controller and identified a number of possibilities for improvements and added functionality.
An in-house ASIC design team was established to developm their own controller meeting their own needs. And in 1999 Rabbit Semiconductor was spun out as a separate company to market this controller, also towards external customers. Since then Rabbit Semiconductor has grown to be a well known and widely adopted microcontroller for embedded applications.
The Rabbit name was selected as the rabbit is very agile and fast - just as Rabbit Semiconductor.
In addition to a rather unconventional name, Rabbit Semiconductor also separated from their competitors by not only supplying the discrete microcontroller, but also a wide range of RabbitCores, small controller modules, simplifying design and time-to-market, and also offering substantial software support, e.g. their in-house developed, powerful and royalty free TCP/IP protocol stack.

Rabbit Semiconductor's microcontrollers have in addition the following strengths:
  Very fast operation both for logic, mathematics and I/O
  Ultra low power mode
  High clock rates
  Very low EMI radiation (spread spectrum clock)
  Lots of I/O's
  Addresses a lot of external memory
  Extensive Ethernet and Internet support
  Royalty free TCP/IP protocol stack
For all microcontrollers and modules Rabbit Semiconductor offery very affordable and complete development kits including C® v.8 (editor, compiler and debugger). Dynamic C® v.8 is an extended version of standard C with extra functionality for embedded control systems.





Application Areas

- Embedded Computing