Wireless communication is becoming more and more common in both sensor- and control networks, for medical use, remote control, remote meter reading, remote monitoring or tracking.
ACTE provides solutions both in discrete form, for high volume, and as modules or external devices for everything from small numbers up to several thousand units. We also have the expertise necessary to be able to recommend the right technology and the right solution, depending on your technical requirements, expected design cycle and budgets.
Our suppliers are among the best in the world, and all of a quality that ensures both low design risk, and longevity.
Product range:
Short-range products include Radio Module, Bluetooth and WLAN.
Radio module 433MHz, 868MHz, 2.4GHz various protocols with or without antennas.
Long-range products GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE-modem. These products are available in either the terminals or modules.
GPS / GLONASS modules, with or without an antenna.
Main lines
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