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 Avalue Technology’s Releasing New Product Lines of Sporting Intel® Atom™ Platform for Light Embedded Applications


19 January, 2009. Taipei, Taiwan

Discover Ultra-Portability Following the main stream of technology development, Avalue is devoted to solutions for mobile devices, small yet powerful products and environment-friendly designs. Therefore, low power consumption, small footprint, high performance, and cost-effective are key points kept in minds when our design team creates new products.

Avalue Embedded Platform adopts energy-saving Intel® Atom™ processors which are given with significances: extremely low power and small size. Low power consumption is translated into a fanless system, less operation thermal issue and lower cost. The small size represents lighter and less space is required. Intel® Atom™ even built with an incredible size, 25mm2. The benefits like faster processing, data transferring and mobility are brought.